About the Company

Playground Parenting is powered by J & A Design Studio – Landscape Architecture.  J & A Design Studio is a full-fledged landscape architecture firm based out of Reno, Nevada that specializes in large-scale landscape planning and design projects.  We have designed large commercial complexes, parks, sports fields, and most importantly many playground projects. 

We are a registered landscape architect in the state of Nevada and we are nationally recognized Certified Playground Safety Inspector (CPSI). 

We like to keep it short and sweet here, so if you have any more questions regarding our company please do not hesitate to contact us at hello@playgroundparenting.com

What We do

  • Custom Residential Design
  • Commercial and Industrial
  • Parks
  • Streetscapes
  • Sports Fields
  • Playground Design, Consulting and Safety

Our Team

Greig Jameson

Greig was a lost soul that dropped out of college twice…Don’t let that fool you though he finally graduated (with honors) from UNLV’s school of Architecture with a Bachelor’s in Landscape Architecture.  He found something that thoroughly interested him and now you can find him deep in the landscaping world most commonly in his little niche field of (you guess it) playgrounds!  

Justin’s worked in a variety of fields over the years and eventually discovered he had a love for all things web design and content marketing. He’s recently started his own business called Help With Your Hustle, where his aim is to…well, help people with their hustles. Like Greig, he shares a passion for helping empower people to do the things they care about and learn how to create success for themselves. If you or someone you know is in the market for a well designed website, or could use help with branding, logo design, or content marketing, drop him a line at his personal website www.justinmborge.com

Business Work Principles

Playground Parenting will work as hard for you as we work for ourselves.  We are dedicated to our customers and we stress quick viable solutions with no nonsense.  We do not represent any manufacturer’s or suppliers, so our information or advice comes from a “what would I do if it was mine” point of view. 


With today’s access to information and technology any answer can be found in the palm of your hand…literally (you could be reading this on your cell phone right now).  Therefore, we make our support available 24/7 to help with any questions or concerns.  If you are up late working, odds are, we are too!  For more complex issues like design or consulting we typically can be found most business days between normal working hours.   



We help you make smart choices.

Our Mission Statement

We want to provide people with the most current and up to date playground information possible.


The three main services we provide are:


·        SAFETY

·        BUDGETING


Are you a parent with safety concerns or questions?  We can help!

Are you a designer with design standards and regulation questions?  We can help!

Are you an architect or engineer that needs only the playground designed?  We can help!

Are you a public agency with safety concerns, questions or need playgrounds audited?  We can help!

Are you an owner with budgeting questions?  We can help!

You get the idea, we are here to help everyone.